Bolt-On Blanc

This is a serious white wine.

I’ve kind of gotten used to this producer packing a wallop into all of their wines, but I have to admit… it’s a toasty day down here in California and I kind of picked this out with the anticipation of a nearly clear little Grenache Blanc quaffer.

First thing you notice is how deep yellow it is and you know instantly you’re in for something. Deep pear and rock in the nose. All your ripe cantaloupe and Crenshaw dreams will come alive on this one, not to mention a few Chardonnay Roussanne or Viognier fantasies.

Concentrated–but deft–in the mouth, straw and rhubarb and dusty catacombs of stony viscousness grow alongside an also-growing poivre blanc which finally climaxes into distinct green-tea tannins. Almost buttery-rich start-to-finish but with a starry brightness. A DENSE star, though.

This is a serious Grenache Blanc. Is it varietally incorrect or lack typicity? To address the former, I’m a lot more lenient with second-tier whites to manifest them how you desire. And as far as the latter goes, the entire Ballard Canyon and Santa Ynez Valley wine-producing region is young enough and these kids are definitely energetic enough to do whatever the hell they want! So try the wine, and be the judge! It is serious SERIOUS Grenache Blanc, setting itself up into the zip-code of some of the most elegant, concentrated white Rhones you will find.

2017 BOLT TO WINES Grenache Blanc Ballard CYN SYV SBC 14.5

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