Rebel Planet

Creamy and delicious, terrifically cloudy, but a Key-lime zesty sheet-cake to the face, heady with whip-cream and apple-cider and strawberry components laid heavily on savory sweaty sex like the kitchen floor of 9½ Weeks.

Restrained–for Chardonnay–in the mouth, just giving you little bits of what you crave along with certain points you need. Tangy with lilikoi and cream soda, it still fulfills the richness of chard you demand but in a blindfolded way: delicate on the tongue, tantalizing to the soul and voluptuously engorging to the senses.

Just like most wines from this label, you didn’t see it comin, but now that it’s here, you want to ram your tongue into it. People ask me all the time, “Why you wonk so hard for Deux Punk?” and I’m just like, I have NEVER experienced a natural wine producer in my life where I have loved EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS WINES. Never even so much as a raised eyebrow on ANY bottle. Oh believe me, I raise my eyebrows hard BEFORE I open it, then the cork comes out and it all goes away. Go ahead: name one producer you can say that about.

Order one of everything. If you hate it, I refund your money.

2018 DEUX PUNX Chardonnay Calistoga Napa Valley 12.0

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