Thing A and Thing B

Deep blushy yellow. YES, it has a definite pink hue to it. Massive watermelon, pear and caramel frosting in the nose, cloggingly rich, deep in vanilla and potpourri.

Dark purple ruby. At least as much blue in the rim as the white has pink in the core. Your typical Gaillard barnyard, petrol and tea, but here we have shredded bark, burnt carrots, and smoldering piles of leaves in the fall. It is a powerful bouquet, laced with aluminum and blackberry fruit.

A clean entry instantly becomes an acid bomb, sizzling and singing and stinging, but the salve in the wounds are the huge almost oak & butter viscosity in exudes. Could this thing possibly sooth oak-and-butter-Chardonnay-guy? Could it? I’m drinking this thing at 57°, and it is rich and round with a little warm-weather bite in the finish, and down around 52°, the acid in the forefront springs to life. So you can play this white either way. Honestly the way you can a LOT of whites.

Saint Joseph TIGHT AS A FUCKING DRUM. All that sweaty saddle leather and match-head from the nose deposit themselves squarely on the tongue, where tight-ass tannins also deposit themselves practically from the first second. This is not a pop-n-pour situation either. This thing’s had all kinds of time. Blueberry fruit you need to initially look for gradually swells to blackberry substance late-middle. Nutty, grainy and peaty, sometimes I find St. Joseph more texture than flavor. Perhaps that is an indictable offence, but it IS my favorite expression of Syrah in the world. so maybe I’m a texture guy. Maybe I like to let my fingers do the walkin…. Millennials, let me explain: see, there used to be this company and you had these things you… oh nevermind. Carefully measured rations of black cherry DO circle the wagons closer to the finish, a finish not nearly as tannic as I suspected. The tannins are all late-entry and late, late finish, where a green tincture kinda slowly waters itself out in the face of equally-subsiding concentrated fruit.

Both gorgeous wines, from one of my favorite producers. Not expensive stuff either. These wine are always an absolute STEAL. We’re talking WELL under 30 bucks here. Fall in love with Pierre Gaillard all over again. I do every time I drink them.

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