Pitchy green nose, undergrowth and over-growth hacked with an axe. Heavy volcanic mint plays in the manzanita and redwood, and thick black cherry with a dash of root-beer in a clogging, dough-rising, volatile-licorice way.

One of those wines so restrained, so tight, and yet so much edgy brilliance going on in the nose, you just can’t WAIT to get it in your mouth. So much more ‘Napa-ey’ than most Sonoma or Alexander Valley cabs, but CLASSIC Napa–NOT like some of the oak & jam bombs Napa has nearly become synonymous with.

In the mouth, clean and calm, with nearly instant mint and acid arching through the thick fruit. PERFECT fruit–an absolute smoothie-meld of all your berry and stone-fruit goals, clean cherry, piquant with rose hips, clinging to a dried-berry maturation before toffee and chocolate spiked with pepper introduce the tannins. Manageable as they are through most of the finish, they finally reveal their true selves, throwing aside the last of the rich fruit hangers-on and setting out clearing and firmly into stunning green OMG Territory.

One of the most classic, old-school cabs I have tasted in a while. Probably not since Hafner on this side of the hill and Corison and Togni on THAT side of the hill. I love all cabs and try not to have a *style* and naturally, am required to drink all sorts of versions. Some I DO roll my eyes just a little bit at and some flat-out get laughed at, but this kind right here is pretty much the way to my heart.

2016 ORDAZ FAMILY WINES Cabernet Sauvignon Montecillo VYD Moon Mt. Sonoma Co. 14.3


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