Grey is the color of my heart.

IMG_20191010_221254.jpgNational Orange Wine day, and what better way to do it that with the grandfather of orange wine: Straight-up PINOT GRIS? Yeah… you can have all your skin-contact stuff and newfangled weirdness and I’ll just sit back with the original and smile. And laugh a little. What’s old is new again. Anything to chase likes and the hallowed *engagement*.

Are we calling this rosé pink? No, not even a little bit. It is orange. No argument. Saucy and mineral-ridden in the nose, warm tropical fruit shine almost cloyingly from the chilled background. There’s a ton of stuff going on here–more than a couple recent full RED wines.  Wet brick and cool ashes and broken stem play along with mellow strawberry fruit spiked with dry jack.

In the mouth, a magnificent full round mouthfeel. Viscous and chewy, sharp slices of rhubarb and tart strawberry bring a savory–almost sweet-corn and tomato–full richness, grappling desperately with ridiculous acid on all sides and fruit fading well before the tartarates, leaving you with the off-white version of tannins in the finish.

As usual, another naturaler-wine stunner from the boys at Deux Punx. This is the second or third bottle of this I’ve had and while many loyal readers will know of my hate for Pinot rosé, rest assured this is Pinot Gris, so all is good. (why are we even calling this rosé???)

2018 DEUX PUNX Pinot Gris Santa Cruz Caifornia 13.4

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