Sans Nothing

Dunites knockin another one outa the park with this sans soufre Syrah from, well… you can read. Sharp briar rasp on a rainy steel platform. Fruit so bright and fresh, sharp and ridiculously vibrant. This is a wine for people who like acid and tannin and who like their fruit edgy and green bit still voluminous. Sure, there’s a firm ripeness to it–but only in the spirit it colors the background with. Gorgeous and perfumed, conflictingly ripe and exhaustingly structured, I would blind this so hard in a young Cornas tasting or equally young (and expensive) côtie-rôtie gathering. If you can find this, I highly recommend it. Not sure the longevity of it, but it is nothing short of stunning right meow.

2018 @dunites #syrah #sansoufre #spanishsprings #ednavalley #sanluisobispo 13.5

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