No Special Occasion

Nice clear ruby. Nutty, dusty power rises up out of the glass, filled with very full fruit, fresh leather and Borkum Riff. Welch’s grape jelly tinged in OceanSpray with Ben-Gay chiming in late.

This is a very cheap wine, and you kinda have to put yourself in the mentality of the consumer it is focused on to be fair. Nothing raises my hackles more than EXPENSIVE WINE vs. CHEAP WINE comparisons and nothing gets you an asterisk faster than the vast majority of “drinks like a wine 5X the price” reviews and statements. Let’s be fair here, inexpensive wine is inexpensive wine. With that said, I frequently visit those *lesser* bottles of my very early wine-consumerism–you know: the second and third shelf at the grocery store–wines which used to be structured and nuanced and interesting, but (and I want to mention names so bad here but am not gonna) recent excursions have showed them overly plump, lacking varietal characteristics, bereft of structure and overall just glossy ghosts of what a $15 wine used to be capable of. So let’s be fair to inexpensive wine. Not everything has to be a contest. There are cheap wines which are great values and hold up fundamentally, and there are cheap wines which are shallow gum-drops–at best–or at worst, flawed miserably. This wine is NEITHER.

In the mouth, clean supple fruit. Dark streaks of concentration and oak are the primal main event, but the nice sour tang of groovy acid brings everything up into a deeply maraschino event. Impressive tannins for its price-point, this thing drinks WAY better than its shelf-mates at the same cost.

2017 NSO Red Wine (100% Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon) California 14.2

How cheap is it? Find out here:

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