Million Dollar D.O.C.

Bright purple-ruby, and somewhat staining. One of these wines you smell as you are pouring. Not oak or vanilla or hedonistic fruit–not one of THOSE wines–no, bright fresh zangy-ness, the smell of fermented fruit, the smell of a clean winery, feistiness and uncomplicated apple and berry, a beautiful neutral-oak gravitas and bits of funky briar and dirty chocolate wrapped seamlessly around the acid.

OK, so I broke my rule about no dogs on labels with this one. I HAD to. It was so cute. This is ANOTHER very inexpensive wine. Shoot, maybe I’ll just do cheap wines all week. This beautiful little screw-top DOC with “indigenous varieties” and a chubby mutt on the cover just SCREAMS “food” (and definitely “ITALIAN FOOD”) and weighs in down in the $10-15 arena. This would put it in a restaurant for under 30 and I would order it Every. Single. Day.

In the mouth, 7-Up and orange tictacs with the kind of red berry that makes raspberries blush. Ripe and deep and dark–this is NOT a shallow wine: solid and well-fruited but not slutty, fruit-forward but not CANDY-IN-YOUR-FACE. At all. Not even a little bit. A touch of smoky peat tempers the pangs of acid which flow perfectly into espresso-coated tannins.

Gorgeous in the front, biting on the sides, a finish that says GIVE ME MORE. Why do Europeans do cheap wine so much better than Americans?

2016 TRIFULA Barbera + Nebbiolo Red Wine DOC Piemonte Italy 13.5

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