Simi tomorrow

Screenshot_20191102-114542.pngWhat you thought I was gonna drink that shit??? No way. Went and found something safe and beautiful and unbelievable and, surprisingly, half the full retail list and 8 years older but clocking in on time maybe even a little early with bell pepper mint and hot lava walnut shell maraschino and pumping streamlined Alexander Valley fruit at age 12 all over your mouth with gobs of gorgeous patina drinking at absolute peak.

This wine never changes, and the fact you can buy it at every Tom, Dick, & Harry Rite Aid and CVS for 19.99 lakes me want to fornicate with it even more. Because I’m not a snob. Oh believe me, I’m a snob, and the 99 LOVES to point out what a snob I am, but THESE are the wines I love. Wines you can BUY. No bling. Accessible. Perfect. Varietally correct and lovely and age-able. Simi gets it done. Every. Single. Time. Always have a backup.

2007 SIMI WINERY Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley Sonoma 13.5

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