Up a Creek

Bricking hard, decent sed, milkily impenetrable otherwise. Fat soft nose crammed with tertiary, all your uric-tanned leather, NyQuil, and pepper-wood buttery banana clam-juice sweet/savory decadence is alive for you here. In the mouth, thick, bright raisin, a black-cherry gobstopper rammed tight with hot-berry pepper and the sweet-bitter wateriness of tannins completing their mission. Kind of a hot finish.

Fun wine to drink, and for 15 bucks, a museum piece well worth the price of admission. There’s really only 2 kinds of people who should buy this wine though: People who love Napa and older wines and mountain fruit and are going to drink it NOW, and curious learners: kids, you millennial wset-1ers and insta-bloggers, anyone learning and expanding their palate and trying to get seat-time. This will be an invaluable bottle to show what happens where and how things work. Do NOT buy a case of this for the next decade, as it is just starting to show pangs of fatigue, it’s beautiful–with an asterisk.

2003 YORK CREEK VINEYARDS Cabernet Sauvignon ‘Track’ Spring Mountain Napa Valley 14.5


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