Working through some of my older Pinot Noirs in the cellar to save them from a hapless fate… Welcome to another edition of Pinot from Paso (WORLD’S SHORTEST BOOK).

This thing is really starting to come around, and one of my favorite vintages of this wine and my last bottle of 06. Nutty and nuanced, fruit warm and friendly, acids bright, a little burn, tannins strong and fruit still thick and flabby but becoming a past memory.

An oddity of a winery in Paso Robles. First of all–as everyone knows–the climate isn’t exactly suited to Pinot. But the owner insists it is in his micro-Templeton-gap climate. He only grows and makes one wine. Pinot Noir. That’s it. A regular and a reserve in a small vineyard surrounded by miles of fat Rhone blends and heady cabs. I love this guy, he’s retired now and last I heard Terry Colton was making the wine, but heard smatterings of that situation unraveling recently. I keep a stiff vertical in the cellar, and taste them regularly with mixed results. They are warm and round, and the owner never relents in his assertions they are the most-ageable pinots in California and rival Burgundy (something I have heard he has a large collection of). I will give him the benefit of the doubt and say in some years, you can kinda see this. Others: NO WAY. 2006 is one of the former.

You gotta love old Pinot to drink this stuff. No complaints. Spicy and relevant, prune being held off by pure spirit, a bit flabby, but not cloying.

2006 WINDWARD VINEYARD Pinot Noir Paso Robles 14.3


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