Pig Latin

Couple little playthings: one I like to check in on regularly and a variety I’ve never had from a favorite label.

Michele Rolland’s Clos de los Siete is an inexpensive bec-heavy BDX blend that is always a clean, heavily dark-fruited, handsomely-oaked ditty with enough generosity from blending partners to keep the Malbec funkiness away and always writhing with easy-going structure. Sophisticated and un-slutty in the nose, a sweet cherry streak in the mouth with plenty of acid and tannin to keep it on-pointe by itself or with food. Gorgeous label, good breeding, and an incredible price make this thing such a winner.

My love of Parador has been well-established if you follow the blog. LOVE the Red LOVE the straight cab, love the Riserva, but when I saw the Temp on Morimoto’s list, it became a must-try with the sushi, carpaccio, BBQ ribs and even some vegetarian dishes. One of the best-kept secrets in Napa Valley, these wines are NOT expensive and always pack a punch. And the straight Tempranillo? The usual house treatment of ridiculous concentration, luxurious oak and thick angelic fruit comes through heavily in nose and taste. Can Tempranillo BE this *Napa*?!?? WHY NOT. Bone-jarring acid and toe-curling tannin leave just enough room for glorious old-world cellar funk and petrichor to carry the ridiculous ripe black cherry on a dessert freight-train through your mouth. Alcohol is visible, but not offensive. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL wine–and very fitting in the line-up.

2015 Clos de los Siete bec/ME/cab/SY/PV 58/23/10/8/1 Argentina 14.5

2013 PARADOR Tempranillo Napa Valley 14.1



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