Impenetrable ruby. Thick viscous nose of herbal tincture, pine pitch and minty goodness lashed around stupidly intense black cherry and nougat. Absolutely pitch-perfect on the palate, deep and decadent O M G the craziest blackberry and hazelnut and coffee grounds and seaweed and balsamic and sagebrush and conifer dreams on pillows of razor-tipped tannin.

You don’t have to follow me very long to learn of my love for Colson Canyon, and this is easily the best thing I think I have ever had from there–from a pure balance perspective. These are the only persons making wine from there now* and the vineyard was in bad shape when Tensley took it over, but now, what, 4 years on SOMETHING is clicking up there beyond anything I have tasted before. Search this baby out.

2016 TENSLEY WINES Syrah Colson Canyon SMV SBC 15.0


*These are both rumors I have only been privy to 2nd or 3rd-hand

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