Dark transparent garnet. A chilling wave of cherry liqueur and deep rich oak posts up early, slowly breathing out to volumes of berry, chocolate and Rocky-Road petrichor. Salty stew in lock-step with caramel Dr. Pepper which heads directly into gritty green herbaceousness for a ridiculously ripe–but edgy–bouquet.

Oh yeah… go ahead and laugh at the label. I did. And you know me–I don’t even care about labels. But this one… hoo boy. Hard to ignore this one. It may or may not have helped that the dude pouring had a chainsaw on his t-shirt. Then I tasted them. Turns out half the team writes horror screenplays and the other half is associate winemaker at Cambria. Explains both the chainsaw and the great wine.

In the mouth, beautiful cherry meets scrawny, stunted briar, violating the fruit and sharpening it, making it cling to the walls amidst a rusty jangle. Blood savory and pitch-perfect bitter make you KNOW the Syrah quotient in this thing was NAILS HARDCORE and the Grenache is the buttery sweat in this slippery concoction. Patent leather and elegant manners soften the pillory fate in the finish, where rich fruit is held taut with groping strangles.

The split second I smelled these wines I knew I had to have them in my basement. Keeping them there will be the hard part. I’ll figure out a way. Rarely does something impress me the way these did. The label’s growing on me too.

2016 FINAL GIRL GR/SY 67/33 Central Coast California 14.8

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