Medium ruby with no thinning at the edge. THE most ridiculous barnyard funky poopy horse-stall sweaty saddle funk rips right out of the glass, into your face and the first thing you get to confront on this wine. Beautiful green-briar twists below, gradually weaving thicker and thicker rows of deep blackberry jam and Comstock pie-filling up into the nose, strewn out generously on a fast-building petrichor and campfire smoke and taco-seasoning.

So… those of you lazy enough to write an *Other Red* or *Interesting Red* section into your lists, HERE YOU GO. I’m always drawn to weird bottlings, NOT solely for their weirdness but because occasionally, you can find something unusually good. Often, individual bottlings of classically-blended varieties are caricatures of their blending propensities, but, occasionally, you find something SO able to stand on its own, balanced and finessed. THIS is one of those times. I’m not even going to go on record saying I am a fan of PV. I’ve probably had less than 20 completely solo in my life. After falling in love with the Grenache-Syrah, I had no choice but to try her PV. One sniff and it was absolutely the last nail in the coffin for me on this brand. I knew right then and there I HAD to have some in my house.

In the mouth, sharp graphite and bright cherry instantly vie for dominance. It becomes thicker, more concentrated, deeper and darker as the mouthfeel progresses, black roasted fingers of tannin and tar finally curling in from underneath to embrace and fondle your tongue in a loving caress. It’s ripe, it’s beautiful, it’s edgy, I’m going to guess 14-9 and probably be low, but this thing just GLOWS with balanced proportions, sumptuous fruit and the appropriate accouterments.

I don’t even have words for how fucking gorgeous this wine is. So I’m just going to shut up. Buy it. Order some. It’s NOT expensive. And it’s BRILLIANT.

2015 FINAL GIRL Petit Verdot Happy Canyon Santa Barbara Co. 15.5


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