Kind of Like You

Balanced, refreshing and fabulous, this Rosé is California-born with a French accent. Inside every collectible bottle you’ll find attitude, style, and a certain je ne sais quoi that’s hard to define and impossible to resist. Kind of like you.

Naaaah… That’s just what the card says. So how DOES the most anticipated bottle of rosé this year stack up against my palate inspired and honed on the South of France? It’s a bit pink, first of all. But I rarely let color be a deciding factor with rosé. Sure, it matters, and offensive reds and day-glow pinks will get points off. But as long as we are in the *wheelhouse* of the desired range, I’m OK with pink. Heavy and complicated in the nose. Dank and barnyardy with dried figs and cranberry bog and farmer’s market and a sort of apple-strawberry-tomato that really cranks the intensity up alongside the thick savory.

I have it on pretty good authority from Justin this is 100% purpose-grown and pressed Grenache. I will not make assumptions about their other rosé, but having seen the color and tasted it, I have a feeling its sources are varied. And the bottle. I don’t need to say anything about the bottle. You can SEE. I’m actually shocked how cheap this wine is.

In the mouth, definitely headed for the serious white wine factor. I’ve had Chenin lighter than this. Ponderous on entry, rich and buttery, with a bite of acid chiming in timidly immediately thereafter. And then that’s it. There’s no middle. There’s no finish. It’s just gone in a vague watery melon, Sprite, and cellar floor mashup.

Looks: delightful.
Smells: wonderful.
Tastes: elegant.
Finishes: adequately.
Marketing: ridiculously sexist.
Packaging: TO DIE FOR.

NV JNSQ Grenache Rosé Cru Paso Robles 12.5

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