Not Foggy

A post from Foghat popped up on my feed today and I remembered I have a few of these lingering in the cellar… Beautiful color, barely bricking, big minty nose with gobs of wonderful tertiary. Deep smoky briar and the kind of black cherry only Luxardo knows. Incredible sage and orange-blossom honey with bright caramel and salty earth.

I honestly had no idea these were still being made and not certain Steve Rasmussen is still making them. Would love to know the vineyard source in SYV, but it smacks of Happy Canyon.

In the mouth, dried fruit and candied praline, the edge apparent early on as dry rasp completes the Cabernet typicity. Shockingly fresh and holding its own despite the low price and 12 years of age. Sweet blackberry fruit still ridiculously vibrant, sagebrush and oiled leather bitter and crisp in steely dreams and tannins balanced and thorough throughout. Quite shocked. I wouldn’t peg this a scosh over 13-5 and the label is telling me TWO POINTS HIGHER.

I’m gonna save my last bottle for some bottle-share where the bling-bros trot out their tired flabby central coast offerings and snotty jam & vodka elixirs. An astonishingly well-put-together cab at 12 with a finish that goes on forever and nary a flaw. There’s NO WAY this thing is 15+ and if it is, an absolute tour de force in winemaking.

2007 FOGHAT Cabernet Sauvignon Santa Ynez Valley Santa Barbara Co. 15.5

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