A fairly day-glow shade of canary. Big smoky peat pushed out immediately and obfuscatingly, gradually breathing out to show bright peeled grapes, buttered popcorn and a bit of green under obvious viscosity, the green morphing with plenty of air to a much more mineral, finally settling on wet-rock and smoked-frank.

A most-interesting smelling Chardonnay. I’ve had maybe 6 chards in the past week or so and while ALL were different, THIS one is lovely in the way it is PURE chardonnay–with the addition of a little extra char–but the *chardonnay* hasn’t been vinified out of it. But let’s taste it.

In the mouth, glassine and buttery at 50°, intense structure not holding back either acid in entry, foundation of middle, or tannin in finish. Beautiful melon and pear shine brilliantly alongside the solid edges, gobs and gobs of ridiculous chardonnay butter and spice sailing through with a little peppery bite at the end.

Seriously something I would love to taste in ten years. Pretty sure this is the highest production of any of their teensy 2- and 3-barrel lots, so there’s a good chance you can find some. One of those that really pluck at all your chard heart-strings.

2017 BEVELA WINES Chardonnay Santa Barbara County California 13.8


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