Emerging Calloused

Really pale canary, but with that golden aura at its core bringing the body of Chardonnay to the party. Woodsy peat on the nose, latex ground herbs and chopped-weed-initial pushing tiny buttons in charming sequence. A thick density grows steadily, reminding you this is not some also-ran spicy-brash white variety, but the all-time reigning QUEEN of wines. Positive apple and almond combine for a sleight of licorice, solidifying the fruit-lines.

Full and mouth-filling on the palate, no slutty cougar-juice here… Dense pear decadence and apple sprite hee-haw your taste buds into conformity without selling out to the sweet nectar gods or oaky slip & slides so many resort to. Clean and vibrant, an absolute beauty in clarity of focus, rich middle topples slowly into crispy tannin in a slow, calculated pattern, mouth-feel firmly engrained on your skull in a for ever and ever finish.

I might have been a little hard on the 2017 version of this wine, but oh man this one has won me.

2018 BEVELA WINES ‘Fractured Emergence’ Chardonnay Santa Barbara Co. Califronia 13.8


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