97 Meritage gone, just a tired fruitless off-smelling muss. You can coax some pencil shavings and milk chocolate turtles out of it, but it takes some imagination, and life’s too short to imagine energy in wine far past its drinking window. 14.1

03 ‘Estate’ Cab (as opposed to the 03 ‘Track’ I had last week which was actually quite yummy in a sleepy way) a flaccid liquid smelling of cat shit. Not cat litter, not cat piss, not cat fur or kitten-britches, but actual cat shit. Never smelled this in a wine before–that I can remember–and it is hard to see through it. Soggy squished berry, a bit of burn, peppery on the palate with a fire that goes on and on in the finish, making whatever fruit you located a non-event. 14.8 [EDIT I’m going to soften up on this wine a bit after a heavy decant and a couple hours. It was far more interesting and lost most of the off-smell. Still, it is 99.9% tertiary–not that there’s anything wrong with that.

06 ME the most bricked, but still staining. HEAVY sed. I imagine this was quite lovely in 2016, but now it has an off-nose of sharp cheese over still-operable leather, tobacco, and geriatric blackberry pie. In the mouth, intense mouthfeel, but the AL and tannin is fucking with my fruit-fantasy and making the whole middle glycerin-ey. 14.5 Buy this one if you must, it’s good cheap edumacation on what #merlot is capable of as the decade-mark comes and passes. I wouldn’t buy more than one tho, and the former 2 are drain-food.

#YorkCreekVineyards Spring Mt. #napavalley #california


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