The Old Sage

The darkest blue-purple ruby you have ever seen. Nose is hesitant to give up all its secrets, even after a healthy decant and some time. Crushed velvet theatre seats, wet dripping dark wood shavings, dusky berry rimmed with cassis, and a distinct steely soil note, rocky and mineralific. The core of the bouquet is a round warm fullness reserved for the highest pedigrees of Napa Valley Cab.

Is this my first 17??? Barely 2, just released, and you HAVE to see what it’s like, so a few lucky people can get their hands on it. That cinnamon-praline note is getting stronger and stronger, with a beautiful eucalyptus hint creeping in.

In the mouth, fruit of near-milkshake consistency deposits itself onto every surface. Grainy and thick, the ridiculous concentration of everything righteous and holy about Napa settles in, moving to thinner notes of bitter chocolate, chopped brush and that mint-eucalyptus friend transferring itself to hot dusty road and rose hip. The concentration DOUBLES late-middle on the sides of your tongue, explosively reminding you this thing didn’t show you everything in the nose, remember? But here everything is laid out in gold: bitter green monstrous loveliness with near pastis-numbing capabilities on the tongue. The fruit marches on, a black cherry concoction you can stand a fork up in and somehow OVERPOWERING all this tannin.

This is one for the long run here. A little shy at first, exploding in the mouth, trailing structure all the way out. CLASSIC Napa–made in PERFECT balance of old-world class and modern style.

2017 SECRET DOOR Cabernet Sauvignon Sage Ridge VYD Napa Valley 14.5

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