Per Paso

Rich staining golden garnet. Ridiculous vanilla and dark candied cherry blast you in the nose, crazy layers of chocolate and cinnamon cover a deep green smoky conifer and rich molasses loam. A gorgeous nose at age 5, tertiary just starting to push hard down onto the thick fruit.

In the mouth, big ripe fruit wears a little cellar-floor close to its chest, polishing the massive nutmeg, peppercorn and brown sugar into a cabernet far more charming than a lot of the Paso Cabs I try. Gloriously acidic, concentrated beyond belief with waves and waves of marizipan and maraschino fruit, and every time you smell it, new layers of funkiness express themselves in most-elegant ways, adding to the mouthfeel, daring you to sip again and again, each time discovering new places your tongue can go. It’s definitely ripe–I’m guessing 15-2–and it is so crazily saturated with sweet fruit I’m having a hard time believing it being CF or ME dominant even though the softness would beguile me that direction. No, I’m going to go with 50/50 cab/ME–nothing else–and that’s my final guess. Tannins dark and lovely, a bit of heat and pepper alongside. Looking nice for at LEAST another 5 years.

I’m going to say something here I have never said before in my life–and I don’t like comparing regions–but: This is the most Napa Cab-like Paso Cab I have had in my life.

2014 PER CASO “BDX” 65/35 Cab/ME Paso Robles California 15.5

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