Pirate Zin

Medium ruby right out to the thin pink edge. Nice weedy nose, ALL ZINFANDEL. Dark fruit, ripe fruit, sweet bruised berries, dark and gothic, glaring fried egg savory over their black coffee and celery sticks, clove cigarettes and thrift-store sharkskin. Muddy-sharp. Peaty loam freshly turned, grass roots reaching down and snapping under the oiled shovel. Velouté on boiled penne, cranberry bogs, and a kind of Radio Flyer left-out-in-the-rain, paint peeling but not quite petrichor.

#storytime: I walked into this wineshop in Sonoma a few weeks ago and it was immediately apparent not only were the proprietors nosy for a sale, but that finding something to appease my guilt was going to be hard. I was the only shopper in the store. Then I see this. Hadn’t had a Green & Red for a long time. Whew. Grabbed it and the interrogation started. Are you local? No. Are you a winemaker? No. Are you industry? No. Who are you? Nobody. Why did you select this wine? Just curious. Did you like the label? No, it’s a horrible label, actually. Have you had this wine? Yes. Do you like this wine? I don’t know. Why did you pick this? I think it’s a solid zin. Do you want to taste it first? No. Are you sure? Yes. Here taste this: *pours something so ridiculously oxidized I have to control my facial expressions, I sniff, set it down without tasting* Thank you *grab my bottle* OUTA HERE.

In the mouth, beautiful perfect spicy fruit all crammed up in the entry on a mineralific pile which pokes its determination out as the juice trickles down. Full and rich, but NOWHERE any zinny flab. Just a GORGEOUS Zinfandel. What is the alcohol. Hmmm This is so hard with a wine like this because you KNOW it’s gonna be hi, but it is so balanced and lovely and not hot. I’m gonna say a solid 15-oh. So pretty, So nuanced. Light little sparkles of cinnamon and nutmeg dance on cherry fruit ALIVE and well and clean and streamlined.

This is GORGEOUS Zinfandel. Napa Valley, baby.

2014 GREEN & RED VINEYARDS Zinfandel Tip Top VYD Napa Valley California 15.4


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