Cargasacchi (I just like saying that)

A gorgeous density of clear garnet with a ruby core. Generous roasted cherry, dark, asphalty and concentrated, smoky cinnamon and rosemary warning you against thinking it flabby. Oh so robust in the nose, though. Positively suffocating in its graciousness and sharp elegance–just a TEXTBOOK-smelling pinot: rich and roiling, but sharp where it counts. Pointed fruit with barely a trace of barnyard.

In the mouth, ridiculously plummy, plump and sexy. An absolute perfect balance of fruit and acid–at once sweet and charming, again raspy and grippy, the perfect curl of bitter late-middle that dashes and dazzles this sparkling stream of pinot perfection against the rocks, letting the breeze blow brightly through it and exposing all the meatiness contained to the light.

This is not a giant blockbuster pinot. It is also not a green, wiry, funky pinot. This is, like, literally a PERFECT PINOT. It just has this beautiful calm existence with not a single flaw. All the flapping mouths running off currently about Pinot with your holiday meals: holy WOW, wouldn’t THIS be a charmer. There’s literally not a single person on the planet who can drink this and say they don’t like Pinot.

2018 LORING WINE COMPANY Pinot Noir Cargasacchi VYD Santa Rita Hills Santa Barbara County California 14.3

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