Old Dominion

Medium ruby with a thin clear rim. THE most effusive dirty baby diaper green poopy loveliness comes crashing out of the glass, raspy with graphite, rubber band and a peaty-blackberry smoothie. Deep dark fruit is a pillar at the core, all the earthiness and barnyard swirling around. Lots and lots and LOTS of air slowly start revealing a maraschino and bergamot  gilding to the berry volcano. Decanted heavily.

This is one of those wines I see one thing on and have to have. I know NOTHING else about the label, the varieties, nothing. But you be talkin Tenerife and I be listening.

How have I waited this long to taste it??? Oh wow. Very interesting in the mouth. Cool and thin on entry, fruit a nice little shadow hovering about, not exactly jumping out at you, visible to varying extents at various areas of the palate. Mostly it dodges a massive metallic wild-lettuce briar and tangy bitter rising out of the middle. The blackberry returns with a vengeance in the finish, doing an impossible job of scrubbing the filthy tannins.

What a glorious wine. It appears to be NV–with a Lot No., although there is an additional rear sticker from the DO indicating harvest year. Brilliantly bouqueted and an absolute joy to drink, this is just another classic Tenerife wine, light in all the right places and powerful where it counts. A wine for all seasons.

2017 BODEGAS DOMINGUEZ Listan Negro/Negramoll/Listan Blanco/Tintilla 60/30/5/5 DO Tacoronte Acentejo Tenerife Canary Is. Spain 13.0


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