15 Hands

Medium ruby-purple with a wide clear edge. Dirty, grainy, pitch-perfect grimy Mourvedre. Heavy perfume, rose petal potpourri and that dry, summer red dust with a back-up of candied fruit at the trailhead built on rail-road ties.

One of my favorite new producers, this guy dabbles is several wine groups in several portions of California, but GSM is a foundation. This one is *barely* G & S, and all that M is crankin out the goodness in true fashion.

In the mouth, eager and ample, dark cherry slithering around a bit before a nice big vegetal middle amps up all the cranberry and black walnut in fine, fat fashion. The sharp prick of acid thins and inspires and never really fades through the finish of Mourv-prone tannin.

Gorgeous little number the *Mourvedre-is-a-blending-grape-only* will certainly find many faults with and although I am not a member of this group–at least not in France: in California I can *kinda* give them platform–I DO think the little chunk of Syrah probably helps kick this up a notch. Possibly even the Grenache. A nice, clear, pristine, fruited and structured wonder, light on its feet and still packing a punch. I’m going to peg it at 13-2, the massive ripe nose adding a full 5 points to that guess. It just drinks so sharp and delicately elegant and beautiful. PLEASE click the link below and go to WHERE WE GROW to check out these hi-elevation vineyards in the Sierras.

2016 THE WITHERS ‘Ruben’ GSM 8/9/83 El Dorado Sierra Foothills California 13.3


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