IMG_20190227_230131.jpgLight amber, nose reeking of sulfur, warm shit and oxidation. Bland and not inspiring, nothing terribly wrong other than the smell of cooking pinto beans and clotted cream.  Vague pinot-ish fruit, ripe, flaccid, and epitomizing cheap crap and failed aspirations.

In the mouth, more fetid flaccidity, way too warm with structural elements garish, non-existent, and acidicly fake.   I had a former vintage of this wine and recall deeming it serviceable, if not slightly enjoyable, but this one is woefully wrong.  Watery and shallow, it makes a very strong argument for the people who hate pinot and have only drank pinots at this level. I’ve had Castle Rock’s better than this, and they are consistently on the bottom shelf.

Not even quaffable. I can’t recommend this on any level to anyone.  The burn in the finish solidifies that edict.

2014 JENNER Pinot Noir Sonoma County 14.2

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