Ruby Rose

Clear brilliant deep ruby with just a hint of patina in the edge. Big blustery nose, all burnt rubber and briar and wet sawdust and humus and green fairies of the woodland. Dense dark fruit has to play a serious background rumble to all this up-front stuff, barely noticeable back there with some alcohol.

This is the one that started it all for me. My love affair with Cardella. My discovery of Cardella. My introduction of Cardella to thousands of people. Probably no single winery has piqued so much interest from my following or generated more private messages than Cardella. MONTHS after posting a wine of theirs, I will get a note out of the blue, “Hey stopped in at Cardella, great place–just like you said.” “Hey, finally scored some Cardella from a local shop, great stuff, thank you.” “Hey I ordered one of everything–best wine recommendation I have ever gotten.” This place really is one of the best-kept secrets in California. And this is the wine I first tasted back maybe 4 years ago? The Ruby Cab. It was a 2011 believe, and from the first sniff, I knew we had a winner. Since then I have fallen in love with their Barbera and their Sangio, and–wait for it–their MUSCAT. Not a huge fan of their Syrah, nor their Pinot, and I also do not prefer their more expensive black-label reserve stuff–which is a fairly common situation if you drink wine with me.

In the mouth, beautiful rich sweet blackberry is tempered HARD with a rigid spine of weedy bramble, but it never goes coarse or overt in any direction. It is rich and lush–almost to Napa levels–ridiculous grenadine and canned peach broth, rimmed on all sides with the sharp barb of acid. A nice shrill grasp of cinnamon and nutmeg polish off the bruised fruit, firm tannins–not soft, almost ignorable in their balance, but still there–prop up the long finish.

When you see the price of this bottle of wine–hell, ALL of their bottles of wine–you will be shocked. Crazy value and a daily-drinker paradise that easily will do luxury duty when called upon.

2014 CARDELLA WINERY Ruby Cabernet Mendota California 14.7

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