Full Circle

Dark and brooding with an abrupt edge, it takes an immediate turn in the nose towards lusciousness, broken stem and super-ripe fruit. A ridge of sweet-briar arches through the middle, dragging a peaty-toasty oak influence along. And everywhere, a plush pillow of fruit.

In the mouth, a richness not often seen from this variety. Remember though: it is 30% Cab. Carignan can be made in 2 or 3 different styles, and this one definitely tweaks the *lush ripe style* by injecting a fat chunk of Paso Robles Cabernet into the mix. That addition shows up–I think–especially in the early nose, where complex spice are apparent, and the finish, where the dry bite of solid tannin wipe everything else out.

This is an easy-drinking wine, blended for the best of all worlds and doing a bang-up job at it. Lush, fruity and yummy, while maintaining warmth and concentration, it’s kinda a bruiser in disguise.

2017 CIRCLE B VINEYARD Cariñena/Cab 70/30 Estrella District Paso Robles 14.7


One thought on “Full Circle

  1. And Stephen, we held back one barrel of the 2017 Carinena and will bottle it in the next month and release it as a “ Reserve”…an extra 10 months in once-used new French oak has it tasting really special with more layers! We’ll make sure you get a bottle…


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