Special Grenache

Transparent garnet tapering out to a wide clear edge. Big nose cranks out burnt sage, orange-blossom honey and an insistence of lavish fruit far beyond the concentration in the glass. Grenache is funny that way–a lot like Pinot–in that the lightness of the visual is deceiving as to the pure amount of fruit and concentration it can pump out. Savory clean barnyard plays tricks with your nose, a wet-granite baked-dessert goodness laying out sweetness tinged in green harshness and agility. A smoky, simple air to it tells a story.

In the mouth, a cool, calm refreshingly watery entrance immediately becomes shockingly dense and brooding for a wine at this price-point. Quaffable to a point, a green slur mid-palate creates tension and balance before more cool wateriness introduces the woody briar in the finish which frames the tannin. And everywhere, a plummy, direct fruit.

Dusty Nabor has calmly accelerated his brand dramatically over his freshman and sophomore years, punching out everything from $100 cab to 10 dolla plonkers to fill EVERYONE’S expectations. Literally one of the WINEMAKERS TO WATCH in California this decade. These *No Special Occasion* offerings are easily some of the greatest values around, comfortably evoking BEST VALUE and INCREDIBLE QPR from anyone watching. I won’t surmise what sort of de-classified fruit from his pricier offerings these darlings obtain–and I AM aware of some of his vineyard sources–but often the immaculate substance of them make it hard to justify the $30 difference between labels. I know statements like this shoots in the foot my attempts to sell his pricier offerings, but I just call it like I see it. Get the NSO version, get the Dusty Nabor version, and then tell me what you think.

When you see the price on this you will FAINT.

2017 NSO by Dusty Nabor Grenache Paso Robles 14.5


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