La Villa

Playing with some old wines I made way back in another life and listening to some music for no particular reason. In 1985 some freak on the 3rd floor of the dorm comes down to me on the slightly-less cool 2nd floor and said they were going to Cal Expo for a concert and did I want to come. I didn’t want to go see 3 screechy dudes from Canada and constantly bristled at them appearing on the cover of Heavy Metal magazine. They had no place in my Priest, Maiden, Kennedy’s and 7 Seconds vocabulary. I was bored, and it was a pretty good shot at some vodka and decent coke and possibly even girls, and agreed to tag along. My life has literally never been the same.

People talk about turning-point wines all the time. I hope everyone has a chance to sit on their floor and rejoice–and possibly weep–through Bastille Day and 2112 Overture and Syrinx and Trees and Red Barchetta and Bangkok and YYZ and Jacob’s Ladder and Broon’s Bane and Farewell to Kings in its entirety and everything in between and fuck Tom Sawyer. GOODNIGHT NOW


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