Opposite World

Coupla little Greg Linn’s on the table tonight, an 06 Rim Rock Syrah feeling lackluster and tired, fun to drink but nothing compelling to write home about. Bland and uninteresting, boring to a tee, kinda not worth reporting… Drink’em if ya got’em….

Then the old label Ambullneo Pinot… funky and dark, lots of nutty tertiary, a roasted peach and cherry liqueur in the nose, rich and satisfying while ridiculously ripe and dankly peaty. In the mouth, a ripeness, bright and fresh despite its age. Gorgeous blackberry and salty leather, an inspiring shock of acid quelling all the dusty juicyness into blocks of chunky fruit, rootbeer and foggy apparition still so unbelievably fruity you ask yourself Is this really pinot??? A Santa Maria Valley pinot at this age should be fairly tired, but this is SLH decadent and rich, viscous and crazy-round, able to go another decade easily.

And here I would have thought the opposite of these two. Where is my Syrah? Why is the Pinot the star??? I had my heart on the Syrah! Especially after the 2007 the other night… Oh well… such is wine.

2006 Greg Linn Wines Syrah Rim Rock Vineyard Arroyo Grande Nipomo Santa Maria Valley California 14.2

2008 Ambullneo Pinot Noir Santa Maria Valley California 13.3