The Tide is High

Beautiful purple. I mean seriously purple. Big jammy fruit nose, gritty with stone and wet gravel, pungent with sapwood and herb garden, warm with cellar cravings and orange peel. Berry black as night, steeped in tea, writhing in mud, rich cherry and dried rose petal barely keeps it’s head above the rasping grate of structure you can SMELL.

Welcome again to another episode of The Chameleon Petite Sirah. On my patented PS-PS-PS scale of 1-10 with one being smoooooth flabby sweet yummy tannin-less plonk and ten being battery acid, I’d give this one maybe a 6. I haven’t tasted it yet, but from what we have gathered so far, big young fruit and lots of structure, and all that wonderful Petite Sirah floral. I’m curious why we got the *California* on the label, clearly some AVA fence-lines were broached.

In the mouth, oh wow. Wow. OK, first of all, it is stupidly ridiculously profanely young. This wine is a barrel sample. Teeny-bopper fruit with barely any grasp on maturity and gravitas slides its pink ribbon across your tongue. Citric-acid acidity pulverizes it quickly, but once the short-term structure starts mellowing, it grows back, attempting solemnity and elegance with a chunk of black cherry and 72% cacao. A touch of barnyard flirts–no: not as usual in the nose, actually a bit of genteel funk warming up the mouthfeel. It’s SO bright. It’s SO concentrated. It’s SO short-tempered. It’s SO alive. Are you ready to talk about tannin yet? It is tough to draw the line precisely where acid and youth lay down and tannin stands up. The tannins are NOT decimating. It is FAR more the fruit just absolutely lacking pubic hair.

This is a fun Petite Sirah. I love tasting wines like this–wines with so much life and nervousness and 9th-grade mustache. Get some of this, maybe sit on it for 6 months or a year–get a couple: that way you can experience this jail-bait and then forget about a few in the cellar for a year. There’s a couple things this wine will do. If you’re a home drinker and collector, it will breathe life back into your hopes and dreams for this variety. At the same time I am telling THOSE folks it is too young to drink, I will tell restaurateur and WD this will breath life into your red programme. Yes, for consumption now. I’d order it.

2018 MOUNTAIN TIDES Petite Sirah California 13.4

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