Not Parallel

THE most incredible 5-spice aroma rising out of it. Decadent nectar, marzipan and liqueur, everything reduced down into sweet syrup with heady notes of mint, charred wood and the kind of red-dirt mountain landslide dark chocolate depth leveraged on bright notes of ridiculous blackberry and peaty sex.

This is a fat bomb–there’s no arguing–rich and opulent and combining the best of mountain fruit and incredible ripeness. How much do you love Howell Mountain? Let me tell you the ways.

In the mouth, blockbuster wall, everything defining pitchy dark cherry in ways difficult to describe without hyperbole. Clean but chubbily focused, a sharp acid wreaks havoc on everything but barely gets a footing against all the wonderful bitter rasp of disgustingly rich fruit. The dirty nose calms every sip, but the coffee-ground and wet-bark nuances align and malign everything so ELEVEN about this bottle.

How much gorgeousness do you need in a bottle? THIS MUCH RIGHT HERE. So stupidly rich and ripe, gotta be 15+, and yet: everything kinda works. Not for the faint-of-heart, and the sweetness in unmistakable, but this is a way you can make them. And people LOVE them.

2014 PARAVEL WINES Cabernet Sauvignon Henry Bros Ranch Howell Mt. Napa Valley 16.3

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