Not Typical

A deeper yellow than I am used to seeing with this variety. Is it old? *checks bottle* OMG no it is NOT. The beautiful green stench of rocks rubbing together, lubricated with spit and citrus and a round yeasty fulfillment. Thick and creamy, but the nose still stabs a gorgeous teutonic at you, stem and briar on FIRE: weedy saline sand.

Is this SLH or just Montco? Didn’t look at the bottle that close. Monterey County is RIDICULOUS riesling country; SLH shows 423 acres at last count–third place only behind Pinot & Chard–and I am sure the vast workhorse hills of greater Montco have MUCH more area. Yes, there is a lot of bland, unpropitious riesling from Montco, but nice ones are not difficult to find. This one definitely has the patina of something memorable–at least in the nose.

Rich and compelling in the mouth at 62°. Viscous and thick on entry, the mineral fire visible creeping in around the edges–NOT shyly. Zest and strawberry-rhubarb and slaw with a pineapple-core piquantness. At 52°, the nose doesn’t influence the mouth on entry. This is honestly colder than I prefer whites like this, but I know many if not most reading this will drink it FAR colder–probably more like 42 or even refrigerator-fresh hi-30’s. DON’T DO THAT. Clean and seamless at this temp, acidity flowing in all directions and nutty lemon and unripe nectarine vie for yin-yang dominance and the finish just EXPLODES as it warms up on your tongue. Grippy and dry in the final thoughts, mouth-wipingly wrought with all that final firm berry and tropical fruit.

I’m gonna guess a solid 13-oh on this, down in the 3 or 4 realm below 1.0 on dryness and oh man what a Riesling. Everyone on the planet knows I don’t like my Riesling austere, so it is with crossed fingers I open something like this. This is EXACTLY the kind of Riesling I like.

2019 TYPICITÉ Riesling Tondre Grapefield SLH Mont. Co. California 13.2

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