Just stunning at 13. Ripe round nose, gobs of tertiary, smacks of Apple Jacks and a wee bit vegetal, a length of soapy cinnamon and rust matching the rim of ruby.

Not a blockbuster in the mouth by far. Refined and subdued, with brilliant pieces lurking behind each brain-cell. Perfect mellow cherry, a gasp of acid tingly and nice. Tannins polished to a crispy tarnish, probably drinking at near-peak. This is some of Doug Margerum’s handiwork, from Three Creek Vineyard way before they started putting HAPPY CANYON on a front label–and long before the district AVA.

I still to this day run into people who are surprised the Santa Ynez Valley grows anything other than Pinot and Chardonnay. Happy Canyon and Eastern SYV are one of my favorite places for cab & kin in the world.

A beautiful visit, this bottle is kind of a blast from the past and I doubt if there’s any more around. The tasting room has long closed and the website is a dead link. Would be curious who is getting 3CV fruit or if it’s even called that anymore. Anyone ?

2006 CIMARONE ‘Le Clos Secret’ CF/cab/PV/bec 45/3515/5 Happy Canyon Santa Ynez Valley Santa Barbara Co. California 14.5 *zaltoglass

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