Silt in the Sill

Serious garnet, ambering out to pale rosiness at the edge. Smoky, coffee roast, campfire in your eyes, dark miso broth with a Dr. Pepper sha-WING reflecting dark, dirty fruit. And I mean DIRTY. Not hot, cooked dirty like Paso Pinot, a lively spicy soil more akin to Anderson Valley–but with out the green-briar. It smells really REALLY good, steely minerality showing through with lots of air, a slab of rust coated in berry and pumpkin pie.

You like bottom land, delta deposit wines? They don’t get the cool pub–as somm-culture has brainwashed an entire generation that hillside fruit is all that matters. The great, level deposits of the huge water-sheds in California make incredible wines–some bottomless sand, some variations with loam and clay. Starting far inland of the SF bay, up by Sacramento, this delta land creates Clarksburg, huge expanses of Yolo, down into the Suisun Valley, the bottom edges of Napa and Sonoma driving from American Canyon to Novato, then hops over into East bay areas like Brentwood and Antioch–where Contra Costa County wines come from. You don’t have to follow me long before hearing some rather strong opinions about Clarksburg, Carneros and CCC. Good opinions. And always popular opinions with the wine1%.

Oh boy, you can taste it on THIS one. Spritely clear and beautifully un-clean. Unclean like Pinot SHOULD be. Don’t let the light color and ruddy garnet fool you–ridiculous concentration slaps you in the face, a wash of black walnut, pencil lead, and cedar fence spreading all the fruit out in manageable quadrants–and doses–between the bitter. The tannin is on FIRE with this one–so if you like your wines smooooooth and fuzzy, step aside. This thing is a pinot powerhouse. Not a SRH or SLH or AV “powerhouse”, oh no. More like a Burg or Oregon powerhouse. But with California sunshine. The finish will CLAIM you, high notes of acid and fruit slowly dripping onto the bed of supple structure.

Silt has its way of getting into things.

2016 SILT WINE CO. Pinot Noir Clarksburg California 13.9

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