Contra Costa Contenda

Light, bright and stuffed to the gills with pithy sweet angst. Ridiculous floral in the nose, a core of roasted nuts and tropical fruit create wet imagery of a dull sauté carmelizing in butter and olive oil.

Thin, light angelic perfection on the tongue. Clear bright fruit, cranberry, Granny Smith, lemon zest and the kind of acidity one finds when chewing Vitamin C. The savory meatiness of the nose really plays contrary informant as you sip, but the expectations coalesce in ways I didn’t see coming.

This HAS to be the lowest alcohol one of the bunch. If this thing’s over 13-oh I’d pee myself. But it is NOT green or under-ripe. Granted, it is not a wine for Krankl-disciple, but then most of them tend to not read this blog anyway. This is a Petite Sirah like NO OTHER you have had in your life. Strong words, I know–but I am going lightning-fast through my brain-registers of the hundreds of PS’s I’ve tasted in the past 30 years in California and coming up blank, There just isn’t any others like this.

I’ve said many times PS is a chameleon variety, but this is a shade I haven’t seen before. Lean, savory, sandy, mellow, acidic, low-test, deeply purple-ruby transparent with tannins well under control. Flowery, peppery and fruity, but not forward about any of it. Contra Costa County baby. What an amazing wine. I LOVE what they’re doing here.

2018 MOUNTAIN TIDES WINE CO. Petite Sirah Contra Costa Co. California 12.5

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