Two Tales

I met two girls. Sisters. One had just graduated high school, one a sophomore in college. One was bright-eyed and fresh, eager to explore, flush with freedom and carefree as spring flowers. Bursting at the seams to be *out there* and barely containable. One–the brunette–held back a little. Warm, friendly and intelligent, not constantly smiling, the few years of world-experience casting a riper glow on things. Identically gorgeous, but sits with more poise and elegance.

I met two girls. Sisters. One married her high-school sweetheart and lived 3 miles from her parents. Volunteers at church and drives the kids around. Wears flowery dresses up to the neck with sensible shoes. Laughing and generous–doesn’t wear much makeup–gentle hours at home and in the community commit a certain gregarious natural beauty and a lilt in her voice. Ridiculously sexy curves. Laughs easily. Takes care of all the family finances. Owns real estate with her dad. One–the blonde–pretty certain she is not really blonde–has been divorced. Been with a venture cap guy for 8 years. Worked as a waitress after college. Lives in Chicago. Owns a lot of expensive black. Time-shares in Tulum. Speaks a little French. Has a nasty sarcastic streak hidden well to anyone who doesn’t call her by her shortened first name. Ridiculously sexy curves–often highlighted. Laughs easily. Works out. Sneaks cigarettes.

I met two girls. Sisters. One–the blonde–lives with the love of her life on a golf course in Arizona. Does yoga. Runs three Facebook pages. Volunteers 30 hours a week and gardens the rest. Sneaks cigarettes. Won’t go outside the house without a full face and outfit. Drinks really good Napa Cabernet, Super-Tuscan, and Russian River Pinot Noirs. The coffee shop is not a necessity or an adventure, it is a network destination. Lines on her face show concern, compassion. One has let herself go early gorgeous grey at 49 (we’re not sure how natural it is). Lives by herself in Napa in a fabulous victorian-revival. Works her real estate business 80 hours a week. Lives for the duckets to parties and events. Crams herself into jeans maybe a size or two too small–and looks GREAT doing it. Wears a lot of sweaters. Has too much stress and spends too much time in the sun. Will go to the coffee shop in baseball-cap, leggings and eyeliner. Drinks really good Napa Cabernet, Valpolicella and Anderson Valley Pinots. Scrolls cat memes on Facebook. Will drive to your house in Sonoma and fix your plumbing and knows every district supervisor. She reads the lines on your face.

2016 LOUIS TÊTE Gamay Beaujolais-Villages France 12.5
2016 LOUIS TÊTE Gamay Brouilly France 13.0

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