Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict

Clean vibrant nose, a little dark in corners. Crayola and dark chocolate, a plummy fruit coated over with dusty velvet and yogurt. Plenty of air releases a nice steely shaft shoving mineral straight up the center. Musky barnyard dances around the edges, creating a well-rounded and complex aroma which promises playful fruit with cautious extraction and aging.

We’ve all had Syrah and Viognier, have you had Syrah and GB? Can’t remember the last time I did. Not sure if there’s enough included to actually trigger label-inclusion or if the winemaker is just being transparent. I’ve heard lots of winemakers over the years shit on Viog inclusions–claiming they are a crutch to fatten things up and round out mouthfeel, others consider it a logical and perfectly natural Rhone recipe. But Grenache Blanc, I feel, would go the opposite direction: sharpening and livening and perhaps even lightening the wine up. But I’m not a winemaker–I just play one on the radio.

Most of my predictions come true in the mouth. A wine that doesn’t lack body or verve, but which flows carefree and delicate over the tongue. Serious fruit–not cloyingly forward–plum and bright berry and tart cherry, sternly whacking your knuckles with the rulers of both dark delirium and tangy acid. Tannin is a kitten-shaped sort: baby teeth and soft claws surrounded by tufts of pillowy, nose-tickling down.

Generous in a lot of ways–actually kinda dark and brooding in a couple areas–but SOOOOO light on its feet, I think it a brilliant–and extremely interesting (if not geeky) bottle of wine. One of those wines which grace my desk occasionally which have the pure charisma to provide gulpability and love from the 99 but still have enough wine-dork built in them to engage the people who really think about their wines. Knowing the winemaker, I’m sure this was not accidental.

2017 TIMBRE WINERY ‘Rare Groove #4’ Red Blend SY/GB Mesa Verde Vyd SYV SBC 14.9

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