Orange Devil

Dark sherry amber. Bulbous, cidery nose lacking too much normal white wine fruit nuances, but instead heading round and fermented with deep rusty super-ripe white fruit, squeezed orange halves left in the compost bin, a tahini-esque sort of nutty and lots of warm tropical.

Bitter calm in the mouth. Grippy and acidic, a sort of aged-oxidized white-wine spine forming the core and branching off into both lofty Rainer cherry and harvest gold raspberry. A full muffin-top creates a hands-on mid-section, stopping shy of spare tire. Finishes sharp and brittle, with the raspiness stroking and caressing the drunk fruit.

I don’t know what the variety/ies is/are here, sourced from the original SBC (loyal readers know I’m a big fan) and once again these boys have made a wine not conforming to anyone’s molds and creating another fresh, inexpensive, fun glass to consider, make one think, and enjoy.

2019 DEUX PUNX ‘Piantagrane Arancione’ CH/Falanghina/GB San Benito Co. California 13.5

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