Baby you can drive my car

Instantly a far more traditional California Chardonnay than the last couple. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. As much as I love my ice-shard petit Chablis’ and chilly Sonoma Coast’s, There’s a lot to be said for a good old classic chard. Not that this is Rombauer or anything. Far from it.

An immediate vanilla butter punches you in the nose. Round toasty applesauce and carmelized peach reach out to fondle all your Chardonnay boxes. Rich and frothy, a root-beer float creaminess and beautiful oak squareness simultaneously vie for suppression and validation of the fruit. Green banana lays a primer-grey definition down into the waxiness and compels a savory spirit edged in tropical.

In the mouth, considerably sharper than you might have imagined. A sharp clarity punctuates in proper Bien Nacido fashion, precariously gripping the river-bench bluffs with soft rocks not yet polished and translating the powdery finesse into tendrils of shocking power. Bitter angst is carefully eroded by fat chunks of steely peach and smooth almond, butter applied sparingly–fading behind the veil of chalky Chinese fireworks, pistachio, firm white plum, and just a little campfire smoke. Brilliant acid and a shot of tannin drive the finish–just in case you read this whole thing thinking we were going to have a Pampered Chef party with this.

How do you like your Chardonnay? Well, this is one way I like mine. This thing will take the paint off your car and woo your girlfriend at the same time. I’d say it’s just about perfect chard.

2017 TIMBRE ‘Lead Vocals’ Chardonnay Bien Nacido Santa Maria Valley Santa Barbara Co. 12.5

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