Radiant purple right out to the millimeter-clear rim. God, so much fresh fruit. Bunches and bunches of flossy candy love, driven by the piquant rasp of berries not quite ready to roll over and be icing-coated just yet. My first guess was Gamay, *maybe* carignane? It has an almost Chinon feel to it. I mean–who KNOWS what these two are gong to be up to. The regularity of their unpredictability rivals only their unprecedented consistency in fun, fresh, naturaler bottles–two things making them impossible not to love. Lots of tomato vine here–the briar bristles under each breath, and the crazy plum/lime Gummy Worm and strawberry Charleston Chew just will NOT take a break.

First splash on the tongue is pure dirt. The earthiness of it hits you first–and that’s kinda a first for me. But it’s momentary. It adds its drumbeat to the melange of tangy fruit with serious background chops that again leads me to believe this is a more *noble* grape that originally guessed. I wasn’t the world’s biggest fan of the last vintage of this wine–I mean: it was *good* but didn’t have the seriousness lurking as this one does. This is a powerful wine, but SOOOO sparkling bright and fresh and lively. But there’s a LOT more going on in it than mere carbonic Gamay.

Bitter concentrated ZANG barely splits the cherry in the finish. You are torn between joyfulness and pure panic. This is Roberto Benigni dancing on seat-backs wanting to make love to everyone. This is LITERALLY the red wine of summer. I’m calling it now. You don’t buy this wine you are going to be SO pissed at yourself.

2019 DEUX PUNX ‘No Comply’ Red Wine California 13.0

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