Le Bon Climat

All the gorgeous dark bruised and roiled berry you can stand. Tertiary starting to really flow off of it, crazy antique-store properties, dusty elements on worn leather, velvet, stained wood and amber lampshades. I don’t think I would hang on to these too much longer, as they are flushing out a LOT of deep-aged nuances and the fruit is so ripe, I fear some pruniness could result soon. Right now it is all sumptuous maraschino and amaretto, even cassis churning in along the lily-lined street.

Full, ripe beauty in the mouth, but stops far short of going flabby. The initial blackness of it turns shockingly pie-cherry and tart mid-way, but the concentration of fruit is still there. Amazing smooth KoolAid mid-section–the kind your mom made: without as much sugar in it as Brad’s mom down the street. Charming bitter briar and the shriek of tannin show the true nature of this Alpine grape in the finish.

One of my favorite versions of Teroldego in California. FIND IT.

2012 BEVELA WINES Teroldego Le Bon Climat Vyd. Santa Barbara Co. 13.5


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