Just Right

I love finding the sweet spot on these Korbel Naturals. I keep lots of them on hand and they progress pronouncedly right in front of your eyes.

Upon release they are near water-clear and ridiculously austere. Dry as a bone and I have even been known to note “fruitless” to myself and occasionally even aloud.

At 10 years old they are dark amber, the cork doesn’t swell and have layers and layers of honey, toasted almond and ripe plum. This version of them requires a deep love of vintage Champagne–something honestly I am not that fond of. I know, I know: absolute heresy, but sorry: I like my bubbles ALIVE and tart.

Somewhere in the middle around 4-5-6 years old: light goldenrod, beautiful bright sweet apple, Meyer lemon and smooth creamy mousse. This 2013 right here is right smack-dab in that gorgeous zone.

I had a 2016 last year still in the sandpaper arena. I had a 2008 last week in the French-nectar zip code. This one? As Goldilocks would say….

2013 KORBEL ‘Natural’ PN/CH 70/30 Russian River Valley Sonoma 12.5
2008 65/35


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