Holy wow is this a straddling mouthful. Crushed velvet nose, subdued but not going easy on the freeway-median briar. Rich, still, warm, sunny hillside fruit crams your nose with cinnamon and nutmeg and worn leather gloves. Fruit and tannin still playing off each other in the mouth. Luscious entry, wet and supple, dripping with lipstick cherry and strappy pomegranate, SO many curves straining over the middle before the bossy structure says, “Wait. Nope. Too much fun. Goin too fast. Gonna hafta reel that back in a bit for a while.” Merlot is the real dealio, boys & girls–anyone who tells you otherwise is a moron.

2009 MATERRA WINES Merlot Oak Knoll Napa Valley 14.2

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