Heavy Workings

This is done so nicely. Beautiful clear ruby with a purple edge. A very subdued saline nose, funky eraser-head, maybe a teensy tiny bit of VA–but nicely layered in with lanolin, chunky vegetal and graphite-berry muddling around in what *feels* like sans soufre.

I had opened this thinking it was Cab–for some reason I had *cab* stuck in my brain alongside this wine, but smelling it and tasting it it CLEARLY is not cab. I don’t think it is straight cab franc either, and I’m kinda puzzled here, as it doesn’t fit cleanly into any tasting profiles. Sangiovese? Merlot? could this be Syrah? I don’t think it is Merlot, and these people already MAKE a Merlot that is labeled “Merlot”. I’m going with CF and ME. 50/50. But I’m definitely gonna need a lifeline.

Quite unsubtle in the mouth. Big glossy fruit climbs in with a full regiment of all that graphite mentioned in the nose. Steely angst shudders up against the full berry, green and vibrant, prickly heat finishing peppery.

This is an odd wine–but I have learned with this label NOT to expect the norm. Everything gets switched up with these folks–always for the better–and ALWAYS for the expansion of your wine palate. This is no exception. Simple in some areas, complex in regards to I STILL HAVEN’T FIGURED OUT WHAT IT IS. Not I wine I am completely in love with: it has some angular areas I’m having trouble absorbing seamlessly, but by-and-large a fun-to-drink fruity number with generous grainy pith and definite programming to bulge envelopes. I DO know this is a $20 bottle–making it a fun package to draw conclusions from. This is a wine an hour in I am still processing. Knowing the winemakers, this is what they intended. I halfway hate them and love them at the same time for this.

NV AMPLIFY WINES ‘Lightworks Volume 3’ Merlot Santa Ynez Valley Santa Barbara Co. California 14.7


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