Boar Clinic

What? First time EVER having this wine–no wait, I tasted an Eberle Reserve once about 4 years ago at Paso Robles Cab Collective, but other than that, have fondled these beautiful bottles many MANY times and the cost never overcame the potential of the contents. A good friend plunked this thing down in front of me at dinner and handed me a corkscrew. I didn’t ask twice. Really nicely done. Soft tannins–expected a little more oomph–the whole package smoothly cab-nuanced and extremely balanced.

An absolutely gorgeous cabernet from Paso Robles and one more nail in the coffin of *Paso being only a Rhone & Zin spot*. I agree with Daniel Daou that the region WILL emerge from the long run as a Cabernet powerhouse in not just California, but the entire new world. Of course SOME people–this Eberle is a prime example–have been doing it for decades. DON’T IGNORE THE OLD-SCHOOLERS!

2016 EBERLE Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Paso Robles 14.5

One thought on “Boar Clinic

  1. Our neighbor, J. Bond’s cabernet grapes go into the making of the reserve cab and he’s been winning home winemaker golds forever…best of show last year!


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