Dark ruby. All that woody CF goodness we love the variety for streams out of the glass, dark and ripe. It’s an amazing nose, part Bordelais, part something far more vegetal and savory. Ultra-ripe crushed berries play with a slight tendency toward banana and tropical warmth. Clove and nutmeg are nearly buried in the mix, globs of golden applesauce and steely clarity go head-to-head in this crazy, jam-packed bouquet.

Clean, simple cherry greets the tongue, driven by a WALL of acid and structure. The ripeness never loses its grip, and plays a dark beat behind the staccato of shrill delight. A speck of tertiary creeps in, signalling an elegant *settling down* of this vibrant child here headed into 6 years. All that root-beer and pie spice are shy behind the out-going first impressions, but lace themselves to the slight tobacco and leather core the cheery fruit is wrapped upon.

Lush and full-bodied beginning to end, this is a power-house CF with ripe fruit, plenty of tomato-vine, gobs of tannin and just enough lollipop to make you smile.

2014 CARR WINERY Cabernet Franc Santa Ynez Valley Santa Barbara Co. 14.0

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