You look like the 4th of July.

Bunch of fun stuff got opened at an annual party in Paso Robles thrown by industry folks and which–naturally–ends up being attended by almost ALL industry folks. Everybody digs pretty deep. Here’s a few of the bunch I managed to screen-shot from stories.

Petite Verdot with a dab of Merlot from … Don’t see PV by itself often enough and this is a beauty.

Andrew Tow is famous for two things: Sonoma Coast Pinots and Sierra Foothill GSM’s but NOW: enter my newest darling from, the Gamay. This bottle traveled around pretty heavily during the party and was one of the few emptied. Curiosity to some, relished by others.

Another big curiosity at the gathering: Aglianico from California via Lots of conversation about it’s smokiness and beautiful fruit.

Followers of this blog will not need an introduction here. can literally DO NO WRONG when it comes to Pinot and Syrah. Do NOT miss out on these. They will change your world.

What’s a party without a little Napa Cab??? Or in this case a LOT of Napa cab. Because mags show you care. Badly saturated cork on this one, but no damage to the wine. Widely distributed, but kinda off-the-radar, love these moderately-priced, well-fruited and nicely-structured www./oakville-winery bottles from Ghost Block.

Several odd blends from Paso were on the table. There was a Tempranillo with Pinot (WTF?) and another with odd ingredients. THIS one was my favorite of the three, although reading the list gets a little cringy at Merlot. A nice blend though, dark and ripe and nicely done. Always loved the wines from, although kinda holding the disappearance of the gold label York Mt. cab against them.

Always torn between Sonnies and Hillside from and drink them alternatively to try and decide. Probably never will. Sometimes the Slide Hill seems flabby to me, other times it is lushly tight. Sometimes the Bien Nacido seems un-fruited to me, other times it is explosive. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

These people ONLY make Petite Sirah, and boy oh boy do they do it nicely. Borden Ranch is it’s own AVA, and is in Lodi. make 4 or 5 versions plus rosé and carbonic… GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL.

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